8 Practical Tips for Students on How to Rent Your First Room

RoomForRentIt’s not just students, being a first time tenant is no bread and butter. For the case of students it’s made even worse by the fact that you are still young and unable to make a few decisions on your own. Add that to the inevitable standoffs between tenants, agents and landlords and the troubles associated with being a tenant could become unbearable at times.

However, it is possible to avoid the glaring pitfalls. Here are 8 practical tips for students on how to rent your first room.

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Dealing With Bed Bugs In Your Dorm Room

bed-bug-in-dorm-roomBed bugs are a common problem in university dorm rooms. The primary reason is that there are many people living in close quarters in dorm rooms.

University or college dorm rooms can supply a great environment for an infestation. Actually in a recent poll showed that over half of pest control professionals suggested that they’ve encountered infestations of bed bugs in school dormitories. Here are some tips to help you avoid getting bed bugs. Continue reading →

KNCTR Helps Students to Save on Long Distance Calls

comparaction-woman-on-phone_469x345College students are burdened with so many expenses and stresses that any positive thing, which can provide them with some relief is a smart idea. One of the heavy things they have to handle is the expense of staying connected with families and friends that are  left at home. There is now a very helpful app that allows them to do all the long distance and local calling they want completely free! Make FREE CALLS with KNCTR!!! Many students have already discovered how helpful app KNCTR can be. Read on to learn more about it. Continue reading →

Business Ideas For Student to Make Some Extra Money

We all know that going to school can be rather fascinating for many individuals. It’s yet another trip of your lifetime where you’ll meet various people and discover new things. Imagine if students may pay off their expenses and  additional financial cost by running small business while at university? Here are a few business opportunities them to experience. Continue reading →

Save Your College Budget with Daily Deals

student_dealsWe have heard it time and again that going to college is expensive. Unfortunately, when one starts planning a college budget educational expenses like tuition, books, additional program fees and school supplies take center stage. The daily needs and other expenses that keep a student on track, healthy and able to focus are more often than not neglected. If a student’s monthly college budget is limited and he or she does not spend it wisely then ramen noodles or peanut butter sandwiches could be the only items on the menu for a while., This is a situation however, that can be easily avoided by careful planning and the smart use of daily deals offers.

College students might feel that daily deals offers are more suited for mothers than them however, the variety of products and services offered can certainly give a limited student’s budget a boost. So how can daily deals offers help your college budget? The following are some pointers on how to find deals according to experts to help make planning one’s monthly budget in college a little less stressful. Continue reading →

How to Prevent Pests in your Dorm Room

When students go to college, they normally reside in a dorm which they should maintain and clean on their own. However, there are instances when the presence of pests cannot be avoided. If it is your first time living in a dorm, here are some of the pests that you might encounter, spiders, stink bugs and potentially bed bugs. With bed bug removal being the most difficult of all and should be left to professionals we will discuss the rest. We asked regional pest control company  a few questions about the pests that cause the most problems in dorm rooms. You can read the answer bellow. Continue reading →

Dorm Room Friendly Pets

More and more dorms are allowing students to have a companion animal in their rooms. This idea may be tremendously appealing, but careful consideration should be given to what kind of pet would be the best choice for this type of situation.

To begin with, consider the size of the room that will be available for a pet. Some pets need much more room than others. Also, consider that if you have a roommate they may have allergies or be afraid of certain animals. They may not appreciate your pet snake being in the room no matter how friendly he might be. While your dorm may allow pets, there may be limitations on what kinds of pets you can keep. Before purchasing or adopting a new friend to share your living space, find out what is and what is not allowed. Also, consider the life of the animal you wish to have as a pet. What will happen with them should you move off campus to a place that is not pet friendly? You will need to plan for that. Here are some great tips we got from the pinkferret.net Continue reading →

Tips for Organizing Your Dorm Room

Keeping a dorm room pristine looking and perfect can be quite a daunting task for a student who is struggling to strike a balance between his classes and socialization. Still, a clean room has its advantages; one of them is being able to find stuff easily when you are in a hurry! Also, organizing your dorm room can help you in dealing with your assignments and tasks faster.

We asked around for some cleaning tips for keeping your dorm room proper and organized.

Foresight- Generally, dorm rooms are quite small, and it requires quite some premeditation and foresight to find furniture or other knick knacks that will fit according to the scale of the room. Also, be sure to take the stuff that is allowed on the premises. Any other extra things will only add to the clutter, and it will be difficult to ship back and forth. Continue reading →

Top recruits staged to make a difference

The University of Windsor held a press conference to introduce its four latest foreign athletes Iva Peklova, Frida Nevalainen, Johanna Wernersson, and Sasha Lazic to the public last Wednesday. Eric Vandenbroucke, the Marketing Manager of the Department of Athletics and Recreational Services said, “Certainly, over the past number of years there’s a lot of excitement and interest in the Lancers and, I think, a lot of the hard work and great recruiting for our Lancers to have success….it’s not only critical to invest in local athletes at home, but it’s also critical to find the top recruits from across the province, the country and now internationally.” Continue reading →

University ushers in myUWindsor web portal

The newly created myUWindsor web portal, launched on Sept. 10 as part of the University of Windsor’s re-branding campaign, continues to attract student users.

The portal is an online, virtual, student service centre that will serve as a navigator for the already existing databases of Webmail, Collaboration and Learning Environment Windsor (CLEW), and an increasing amount of the Student Information System (SIS). Continue reading →