Electronic Music Fest brings in Big Mames

The time is fast approaching for the biggest local summer music festival. The Detroit Electronic Music Festival (DEMF) will be taking place from May 24 – 26 in Hart Plaza, located in downtown Detroit. And, according to festival director Jason Huvaere, this year is going to be bigger and better than ever.

With a host of sponsors like MySpace, Vitaminwater, and Beatport, an online music store widely recognized as the leading source for electronic music downloads, DEMF 2008 is promising visitors production enhancements in terms of soundstages, lighting, and of course bringing some big time names to the home of techno music.

Attendees at this year’s festival will find numerous DJ and live sets from artists like Benny Benassi, Dubfire, James Zabiela, Richie Hawtin, Moby, Carl Craig, and Lee Burridge, just to name a few.

Huvaere said that everyone involved in DEMF is very excited to have these mainstream artists become a part of the festival this year.

He even stated that artists like Moby and Benny Benassi really wanted to play the festival to be able to connect with electronic music fans, as well as bring mainstream attention to DEMF and electronic music in general.

Huvaere also voiced concern over many people keeping techno in the back of their minds, as something that happened in the past or that only ravers can enjoy.

He feels that with so many names in the electronic music world becoming mainstream, it’s a step forward for people to realize what the spirit of electronic music is really about, as well as how it has evolved.

In that vein, it’s easy to see why electronic music is so important in Detroit and why it continues to be the torchbearer for North America as the home of techno music.

According to Huvaere, both electronic music and the city of Detroit are resilient and evolving. In a way, they nurture one another and bring people together in celebration. DEMF continues to nourish electronic music and music fans continue to nourish Detroit.

Another major part of DEMF is the sponsors. Huvaere said the sponsors become part of the family and they really care about the festival.

Beatport and Red Bull Music Academy aren’t easy sponsors to get, either. Beatport only supports four events a year and DEMF 2008 is the first event that Red Bull Music Academy has ever sponsored.

Now, for any of you environmentally friendly people out there concerned with the amount of garbage and waste that accumulates at festivals like this, put your mind at ease.

Huvaere and the conscientious people at Paxahau Event Productions have made sure that DEMF 2008 will be as eco-friendly as possible by initiating a recycling program during the festival.

Huvaere was adamant that “going green” does not cost a lot of green. He said that the process of initiating this type of program was so simple, painless, and affordable that from now on, there is no way companies can use that excuse anymore.

In fact, Huvaere said that companies have a responsibility to implement environmentally friendly programs and that if anyone needed information about doing so, they could contact his company to find out how.

Approximately 60,000 people are expected to attend the festival. The festivities will be happening each day from noon until midnight at Hart Plaza.

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