KNCTR Helps Students to Save on Long Distance Calls

comparaction-woman-on-phone_469x345College students are burdened with so many expenses and stresses that any positive thing, which can provide them with some relief is a smart idea. One of the heavy things they have to handle is the expense of staying connected with families and friends that are  left at home. There is now a very helpful app that allows them to do all the long distance and local calling they want completely free! Make FREE CALLS with KNCTR!!! Many students have already discovered how helpful app KNCTR can be. Read on to learn more about it.

Long Distance Calling is Vital to Many Students

For many freshmen college students, their first semester at a university is also the first time they have been far away from family and beloved childhood friends. The number of students attending college in their hometown continues to remain high, but the needs of those who go out-of-state should not be ignored.

Digital communications methods such as chat and email are often simply not enough to satisfy their needs for emotional support. Being able to keep in contact via phone calls often prove helpful, but the expenses of long distance calling can be rough to handle in light of all the other educational expenses they face.


Introducing KNCTR Communications Technology

KNCTR is a powerful communications app provided by Itibiti Ventures Inc. The company is headquartered in Toronto, Canada and nurtures the development of innovative new technologies that serve as solutions for both consumers and the business world. They sponsor KNCTR through their investment in Itibiti Ventures, Inc., which specializes in using the latest communications technologies to produce products that serve to keep consumers and companies in contact with the parties that are most important to them.


KNCTR Helps Users Save Money

Students who use KNCTR to make long distance calls no longer have to worry about paying high rates for calling. This desktop app allows them to easily make the calls they need to any landline or wireless phone located within the continental US. All they have to do is download the app and put on their headset. Best of all, long distance calls made using the KNTCR app are always absolutely free. There is not even a charge for the service, making it the preferred choice for students over all other VOIP services.


Benefits of the KNCTR Calling App Versus Other Methods

Although long distance calling is not as expensive as it once was thanks to the advent of wireless phones that include free nationwide calling privileges as part of their packages and the extension of landline phone services to also include this feature, KNTCR proves to be the perfect solution for those who do not have phone service, have lost their phones, or are otherwise in a situation where they rendered unable to make the calls they need. This service also benefits those who maintain wireless phone services for the sole purpose of making out of area calls. It means they no longer have to absorb the extra costs each month, which is excellent news for the many college students whose budgets are quite tight.


Discover the Many Extras

There are also several benefits of using the KNTCR desktop app that go beyond that of the ability to call long distance and locally for free. The app is integrated with several of the major social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook, as well as MSN live and messenger. On top of that, users get to enjoy news feeds, celebrity gossip, movie trailers, reviews on the latest apps and technology, along with several other daily exclusives. This means that KNTCR can serve as a prominent source of entertainment after a long day of classes or during study breaks. It is a simple yet fun way for students to relax, de-stress, and get away from it all for a little while.


Smart Students Choose KNTCR

Those who choose to download KNTCR app are making a smart choice. There are so many advantages of using this innovative technology. It is budget friendly, entertaining, and keeps students connected to those who are dear to their hearts and so far away, allowing them to feel more comfortable and supported while they focus in on getting an education. If you have yet to discover KNTCR for yourself, now is a good time to start.


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