Canada’s national sport hosting open tryouts

After taking the silver medal in the OUA championships, qualifying for the National Championships in Winnipeg, and gaining the privilege to host the Provincial championships for 2008, the Lancers curling teams are now hosting open tryouts to anyone interested in curling in preparation for the new season.

The men’s and women’s Lancer curling teams are hosting open tryouts at the Roseland Golf and Curling Club on Saturday Oct. 20 and Sunday Oct. 21 from 1:30 to 4 p.m. to restock their ranks after they saw many of their teammates graduate last season. Continue reading →

Every end is a beginning

University of Windsor School of Art student, Collette Broeders, chose Ralph Waldo Emerson’s essay, Circles, to go along with the themes of circularity she expresses in her own works in her newest exhibit, Habits in Motion: a visual exploration of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Circles from the First Essays (1841).

Habits in Motion features prints and drawings inspired by Emerson’s Circles essay. The exhibit is a personal exploration of the essay, not an interpretation. It explores Broeders’ own habit of circles. Continue reading →

Eye on the Arts: TRP

University of Windsor electrical engineering graduate, Ahmad Shawky (a.k.a. TRP), is helping to put Windsor on the map as a hip-hop hot spot.

With his diverse first release, My Dedication, available at HMV, iTunes, Napster, and Rhapsody, success is sweet for the once shy Shawky, who overcame his fears at a grade school talent show where he was determined to prove those who didn’t believe in him wrong. Continue reading →

Hunter Valentine brings attitude to Windsor

Hailing from Toronto, Hunter Valentine is more than a name; it’s an attitude.

“We wanted a name that represented a certain kind of attitude we were trying to carry in this rock game,” says electric guitarist and lead vocalist, Kiyomi McCloskey. The name is actually the “porn star name” (first pet’s name plus the name of the first street that person lived on) of a friend of the band’s. Continue reading →

Students profit from new Lancer marketing

The University of Windsor Lancers are looking to the student body to fill newly created intern positions which are designed to give the Lancers a promotional shot in the arm for each game.

The Lancers are looking to hire an intern for each of their varsity teams in the future, but for now are piloting their efforts towards just their major Winter Semester sports, in basketball, volleyball, hockey and track and field. Continue reading →

Lancers set to travel the 401 in style

If you’re traveling along the 401 over the holidays and happen to spot a handsome looking coach with your favourite varsity athletes posted all over it, then you’re seeing the newly refurbished and colorfully catchy Lancers bus.

This new look is a major step up from the simple logos that had been in use just a few months ago. Continue reading →

University ill-equipped to meet recycling demands

At a time when being green is at the forefront of popular culture, the University of Windsor appears to be falling short in its recycling initiatives on campus.

Rumors are flying about what really happens to the glass, paper and plastic that students and teachers toss into specific containers around campus. Many speculate that it simply gets thrown out along with the rest of the trash, and more often than not, this seems to be the case. Continue reading →

Kielburger speaks about child poverty to University crowd

The Social Science Society hosted an evening talk last Tuesday with Free the Children founder Craig Kielburger, about his work against child exploitation and poverty.

Kielburger’s mission began in 1995, at the age of 12, after he read a newspaper article about the death of Iqbal Masih.

Iqbal, a Pakistani boy, was taken into slavery at the age of four and was a carpet weaver until the age of 10 when he escaped. He subsequently became an international voice against child exploitation. Iqbal was assassinated two years later at the age of twelve while riding his bicycle. While this tragedy and many others were shared at the talk, Kielburger also spoke about stories of hope. Continue reading →

Custodians unhappy about midnight shifts in residences

Residence students in Macdonald and Laurier Halls can expect more evening activity in the buildings since two new custodial staff have begun midnight shifts this past Sunday.

“I really anticipate this as something positive,” John Regier, Housekeeping and Grounds manager for Facility Services, exclaimed. “It’s something that’s never been tried before in residence.” Continue reading →

Vandals ‘fess up to trashing pub, expected to pay repair bill

On April 11, former University of Windsor pub, The Basement, was vandalized by a handful of people who have now come forward to confess.

The damage took place late on Friday, April 11, and it’s possible that it could have stretched into the early hours of Saturday morning, explained Tiffany Gooch, UWSA President. Continue reading →