Vandals ‘fess up to trashing pub, expected to pay repair bill

On April 11, former University of Windsor pub, The Basement, was vandalized by a handful of people who have now come forward to confess.

The damage took place late on Friday, April 11, and it’s possible that it could have stretched into the early hours of Saturday morning, explained Tiffany Gooch, UWSA President.

“[The vandalism consisted of] mostly holes in the wall, kicked in holes in the pillars and wall … There were also signs that were stolen, but they were all returned, and I think there was news of glass being broken but that was cleaned up by Custodial Services before we were able to see it,” Gooch added.

The damage totals $1,200.

“There are a number of persons that have come forward involved in [the case],” said Robert Cowper, director of Campus Community Police, “We took the reports and put forth a number of names to be dealt with for persons responsible.” But aside from that, Campus Community Police is currently not involved.

The case now rests before the Academic Integrity Office. Danielle Istl, the academic integrity officer who is heading the case, refused to comment.

Right now everything has been cleaned up behind the closed doors.

Cowper assures that money to repair the damages will not be coming out of the pub budget or student tuition. “Restitution is being requested from the responsible people,” Cowper said.

In terms of what is to come for the space, no one can really say yet. “We’re researching all of our options, making sure anything we do is sustainable… There are a lot of options in front of us, and we’re looking at everything,” Gooch said.

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