Are You There, Vodka? Handler’s cocktail for a successful book

Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea
Chelsea Handler
Simon Spotlight Entertainment
272 pages

Underneath it all, Chelsea Handler is a normal girl like you and me.

In this collection, her new book, Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea, she reveals stories we can all relate to—from Asian massage therapists believing her to be a lesbian because she demands they use their bare hands instead of a towel to massage her, to dealing with a boyfriend who has affairs with small dogs, and pretending you’re on a honeymoon with your own father in a scheme to score first class treatment. Continue reading →

Check out this sprawl: urban blight as an artform

Artcite is currently accepting submissions from the Windsor-Essex and Detroit area for their newest collaborative photography installment, “Check Out This Sprawl.”

The exhibit will be presented alongside the Citizen’s Environment Alliance’s (CEA) annual “Smogfest” events in Artcite’s west gallery. Continue reading →

Electronic Music Fest brings in Big Mames

The time is fast approaching for the biggest local summer music festival. The Detroit Electronic Music Festival (DEMF) will be taking place from May 24 – 26 in Hart Plaza, located in downtown Detroit. And, according to festival director Jason Huvaere, this year is going to be bigger and better than ever.

With a host of sponsors like MySpace, Vitaminwater, and Beatport, an online music store widely recognized as the leading source for electronic music downloads, DEMF 2008 is promising visitors production enhancements in terms of soundstages, lighting, and of course bringing some big time names to the home of techno music. Continue reading →

Laying down on the job: field gets new turf

The Prestige XM turf, the university stadium’s new turf, is still on track for completion in mid-June, as construction began recently. The old field was torn up, and the new turf will be laid soon.

The turf, which will cost nearly $1 million, was paid for mostly by the Windsor Alumni Association, which donated $500,000. Also, the Windsor Essex Catholic District Schoolboard, will give an annual fee of $25,000 for 10 years. Continue reading →

UWindsor discovers it’s not easy being green

The University of Windsor has taken strides recent years to become a more environmentally friendly campus. Although the advancements are evident, there is always room for improvement.

Since John Regier, manager of housekeeping and grounds at facility services, started working on the campus, a lot has changed. “Three years ago… basically the only recycling we had was blue bins in office areas mainly for fine paper [and cardboard],” Regier explained. Continue reading →